Unique Limited Edition Scale Models

(Updated 10/2015)

1. The B&O Grasshopper Update

SMR's next museum-quality brass model the B&O Grasshopper, has moved from the design phase to prototype construction! Built in the USA, SMR is using the newest technology to produce a new locomotive at a SMR's LOWEST PRICE in a decade, just $1199.95 (preorder). Delivery expected in 2016, production will be limited to a total of no more than 63 pieces.

The Grasshopper will be a jewel. With its vertical boiler and cylinders and the unusual up-and-down movement of the dual walking-beam drive system (the origin of its name) the fascinating details of its complex machinery will be in full view and full operation!

SMR's fully-decorated model will be built in the engine's 1830s road service version, including a 4-wheel tender. Included with this model will be two scale crew figurines.

Click here to 'jump' to the Grasshopper Page!

2. New SMR Boxcar Kit - Available Custom-Built Too!

The first in a series of all-new laser-cut craftsman kits is now available! SMR's 28' wood boxcar is based upon an actual 1864 freight car plan. In addition to precision laser-cut wood construction, the new kit features loads of detail parts and many extra parts to allow multiple variants of this versatile car to be built. Unlike other car kits produced for this period, SMR cars feature doors which actually open and close! For those of you whose hectic life makes model building difficult, SMR offers custom built cars by our American craftsmen. For 2016, we plan to release kits of an 1860s flatcar and an 1830s B&O "Flour Car" (4-wheel gondola), perfect for your Grasshopper! Add a set of SMR's Wood Beam Freight Trucks and Link & Pin Coupler Sets to make the perfect addition to your 19th Century railroad!

Link to Boxcar Kit Page

Link to Custom Built RTR Page

Link to Couplers and Trucks Page

3. Arch Roof Passenger Cars Sold Out!!

Like every other model produced by SMR, our recent release of the classic arch roof passenger car of the 1850s and 60s are now sold out! These cars, based upon Jackson & Sharp prototypes, were used by nearly every railroad before and during the Civil War era. Congratulations to those who purchased these beautiful models as these cars represent an end of an era with SMR as we have discontinued producing brass rolling stock, due primarily to substantial price increases.

4. Yonah and Amenia are nearly gone!!

We are down to the last few examples of the Rogers 4-4-0 locomotives, the W&A "YONAH" and the NY&H "AMENIA". If you are still sitting on the fence, please remember that every SMR project has been a sell-out. Past models are hard to find at any price, so get one of these great engines before they are all gone!

Purchase your Yonah and Amenia Engines HERE!

5. SMR Truck Sets Available in 3-Rail!!

SMR's highly-detailed, popular 44" wood beam trucks are now available with 3-Rail wheel sets.

  Check them out here!
     44" Wood Beam Trucks

6. Reduced Prices on SMR's Exclusive Railroad Artworks!

Check out the new pricing on SMR's beautiful collection of custom railroad art! All of our collection of specially commissioned artworks by noted railroad artist Ron Hatch is now available at lower prices! These amazing paintings will put the finishing touch on your train room, office or living room! Every variation of all four of our historical paintings are greatly reduced in price. Why not get one of each?

"The General At Oostanaula Bridge" "The End of the Chase"
"The Escape of the Locomotive Secretary" "Express to New York"

7. Coming Down The Track!

SMR's next project is a Norris Type B 4-2-0. We intend to produce this engine in the USA using the techniques being developed during our production of the B&O Grasshopper. The Norris engine will be available in several road names, including B&O and Philadelphia & Reading.

We also plan to send out a customer survey in early 2016 to hear what YOU want us to build!
If you are an SMR client, watch for our survey in the mail.

8. Price Increases

As many of you are no doubt aware, inflation is taking hold at a level unseen since the 1970s. I need not tell you that despite government claims that inflation is very low, nearly every product and service has increased in price. Anyone who is not a billionaire and has visited a supermarket can see that! Unfortunately, these increases have also had an impact on SMR. While we do our best to hold down prices, we have seen major increases at every level, from the basic model, motors and electronic parts to rising shipping costs at each step of production and distribution. Unfortunately, it is not possible to absorb these increases and it is likely that we will be forced to raise prices from time to time.

9. Want to Sell Your SMR Models?

I am occasionally contacted by hobbyists who want to buy older SMR releases. While I am not in the business of reselling these models, I am willing to help you find buyers at a no-charge basis. However, please understand that I make the following disclaimer:

This is a private transaction between the seller and the buyer. The contact information is provided without charge or fee and only with the written permission of the involved parties, received email being considered legal permission. Schneider Model Railroading, Inc. (dba SMR Trains), makes no warranty or guarantee of any kind regarding any interactions or transactions which may take place between the buyer and seller. SMR Trains makes no warranty or guarantee of any kind as to the condition of the items being purchased or sold or its suitability for any purpose. Any suggestions or advice provided to the interested parties are provided as a service only. Schneider Model Railroading, Inc., notes that the original product warranty on the item in question has expired and is therefore released of any responsibility under the original product guarantee. Caveat Emptor, Caveat Venditor.

If you are interested in selling or buying a model, contact me here:
I will respond from our business email
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