Significant Books on Early Steam

“The General and the Texas”
S. Cohen and J. Bogle

A fascinating, fact-filled book containing rare and hard- to-find information on all aspects of the “Great Locomotive Chase”; the men and machines involved and what happened to them later. Hundreds of photos, drawings, maps and more. 154 pages.

Price:  $16.00

Slightly Shopworn Sample Book of "General & Texas"

Price:  $10.00

"Iron Horses: American Locomotives 1829-1900" by E. P. Alexander

A classic survey of the evolution of American steam engines using lithographs and drawings. Originally published in 1949, this softcover reprint will make an important addition to your railroad library.

Price: $19.00

“Early American Steam Locomotives"
Reed Kinert

This book features 115 illustrations, many in color. Reed Kinert uses early, contemporaneous accounts to provide outstanding information on many of the earliest steam engines.

Price:  $22.00

"Locomotives of the Pennsylvania Railroad"
Vol. 1, The Early Years, 1848 to 1874
Richard D. Adams

Just published by the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society! A detailed look at the early history and locomotives of the PRR. A limited edition book, with hundreds of rare photos, charts and data found nowhere else.

Price:  $49.00

"Antique Locomotives Coloring Book"
Tryckare Company

A great gift for your kids and grandkids! 48 pages filled with exciting old time locomotives they can color! Hours of fun and educational too!

Price:  $4.00

“Cut and Assemble an Old Fashioned Train"
A.G. Smith

Not for young children, this is a highly-detailed paper cut-out project which includes the locomotive and tender, passenger car, baggage car, flatcar, boxcar and caboose. It also includes the station, water-tower and baggage carts seen on the cover. Size is approximately HO scale. A rewarding project for someone with sharp scissors, patience and some glue!

Price:  $8.00

"Railroad Engines from Around the World"
Bruce LaFontaine

This is a coloring book that starts with Richard Trevithck's 1804 "Penydarren" and ends with the Amtrak "Acela". It includes engines from many countries. Like our other coloring book, this is not for the very young but represents a fairly complex coloring challenge for older children.

Price:  $3.00



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