Unique Limited Edition Scale Models


SMR 3-Rail Coupler Converter
Want to run SMR's precision-built brass models with your other trains that use Lionel-style couplers? With our special 3-Rail Coupler Converter, it takes just seconds to hook up your train! Simply insert the converter into the regular SMR pin-and-link coupler end and use the pin to lock it into place. That's all there is to it! Made of durable and strong brass, chemically blackened.

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PRICE: 2 for $10.00 each


SMR 2-Rail Coupler Adapter
Now available to our 2-rail customers! SMR 2-rail coupler adapter allows you to couple your SMR link-and-pin equipped engines and rolling stock to Kaydee-type and other manufacturer's products. Made of blackened, solid brass. Coupler height is adjustable. Some fitting may be required.

Now In Stock!

PRICE: 2 for $10.00 each


44" Wood Beam Freight Truck Sets
Building early-era cars and our regular 60" trucks are too large? Try our authentic 44" wood beam freight truck. Like all SMR products, these trucks are hand-crafted from brass and steel with scale wheels and flanges. They feature full side and brake framing. Each set contains one truck with and one without brakes as freight cars of this era typically did not have brakes on both trucks. Unpainted, Now Available in 2- and 3-Rail Versions!

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44" Wood Beam Freight Truck Set (Now Available in 2- and 3-Rail Versions!)
PRICE: $40.00

2 Rail Truck Set
3 Rail Truck Set SOLD OUT


Mid-1800s Passenger Car Truck
Based upon a New York & Harlem design, these trucks are typical representatives of the type used from the mid-1850s to the early 1870s.

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Mid-1800s Passenger Car Truck. New York & Harlem type

PRICE: $40.00 per set
2 Rail Truck Set


Late 1800s PRR Passenger Car Truck
This truck was used by the PRR from the 1870s to the end of the open platform passenger car era. Many railroads used a similar design.

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PRR-Type Passenger Trucks.

PRICE: $50.00 per set
2 Rail Truck Set


Truck Mounting Bolster Set
SMR's brass truck mounting bolsters are the perfect answer to mounting our 19th Century trucks to your kit or scratch-built rolling stock! Sized to allow direct attachment of our trucks using their already-supplied hardware. Compatible with all current, past and planned SMR 0-Scale truck sets! Each set good for one car.

Truck Mounting Bolster Set

PRICE: $14.00

SMR Link and Pin Couplers - Set
Building your own 19th Century rolling stock from kits or from scratch? SMR's link-and-pin coupler sets make adding realistic scale couplers to your project easy! We now down to one kind of set, TYPE I for early or Civil War Era cars (TYPE II for Civil War or later periods are SOLD OUT) Set includes two sizes of links for wider or tighter curve radii. Made of solid, pre-blackened brass. Set includes coupler bodies, links, pins and screws as shown in the photo below.

Type 1 Coupler
Early or Civil War Era
Type 2 Coupler
Civil War Era and Later
PRICE: $10.00 per set
PRICE: $16.00 per set SOLD OUT

SMR Spare Links and Pins Set -
Scale-sized pins and links can be pretty easy to misplace!
Pick up a spare set... just in case!
Each set consists of two regular links, one extended link and three pins.

PRICE: $6.00 per set

SMR Engineer/Fireman Figurines
Hand-crafted, hand-decorated, MADE IN USA, 1:48 scale crew figures, available in several versions. Custom designed for SMR locomotives, these pewter figures are the perfect addition to your model! Two types of each is available: Engineer standing or kneeling (kneeling is the most accurate version for SMR's 1870s and earlier engines, standing is best for the engines of the 1880s and later). Firemen come with either a piece of wood or a coal scoop. Pick the one appropriate to your fuel type! The figures are painted in varied, but realistic colors, so each is different!

In Stock NOW!

PRICE: $8.95 each

Engineer, Kneeling
Engineer, Standing
Fireman (wood)
Fireman (coal scoop)


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